Saturday, 26 May 2012

Bekl Motivation Bracelets Does... BAGS!!!

You've all heard me babble on about Bekl Motivation Bracelets but that's because I feel it's a genuinely great idea and everyone should have one... that and I own the company... But we've now moved into a new field as well as bracelets... that of bags!

These bags are huge... 47cm x 32cm x 17cm to be exact, and are perfect for a tea party, every day shopper, or beach bag...

The bags can either contain your own quote, or they will come with a quote from a famous British person to tie in with the Jubilee and Olympics theme of the bag with the red, white and blue bunting...

The bags go on sale tomorrow night (27th May 2012) and are just £15!!! Absolute bargain!! And they are guaranteed to be with you for the Jubilee if you order by Wednesday 30th May.

You can see more of the bags below, and for more information visit the website

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